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Have you or someone in your organization ever deleted a file or folder by mistake? Did you have a backup of the data or did you have to recreate it?

One of our current clients recently hired a new assistant. After three weeks on the job the new assistant accidentally deleted the “Client” folder on their server, which held all their client account data (almost every small business has one of these folders).

Before hiring Adivi to manage their data backups, the client would have had to figure out what external hard drive the saved data was on and then wait several hours for the backup system to restore the data.

This old process is predicated on the fact that the client regularly backed up, and the drive that was being used was good and accessible. In a lot of cases both of these prerequisites are not true. If the drive backup did not work, it would have taken days to rebuild the “Client” folder.

Because Adivi was managing the backups, the client made one phone call and all the data (saved from the day before) was restored in less than an hour.

Adivi Corporation’s AMS® seamlessly delivers an entire enterprise-class data center with all the “bells and whistles” minus the traditional expense and commitment. Managing your data backups is only one aspect of our service, AMS®.

If you would like to learn more about how our model allows us to immediately impact your business and reduce typical IT expenditures by sixty to ninety percent, contact us. We’d love to work together to make a big impact on your business.

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