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IT Services for Nonprofits

We only serve nonprofits local to Chicagoland so we can maintain quality service.

As a nonprofit, you don’t want to waste valuable time managing IT services when you have more important things to focus on: people. Nonprofits are different from profit-making enterprises in that they aim to accomplish service-oriented missions, which drastically affects how they use technology.

For more than 30 years, Adivi has worked closely with nonprofits by providing exceptional IT services so that nonprofits can focus on promoting specific social causes and advocating for people with shared needs. Adivi offers managed IT services such as backup and data recovery, help desk support, and other IT services.

Why Do Nonprofits Need IT Services?

Technology in the contemporary world streamlines nonprofit workflows and helps nonprofit organizations get the word out. This is because they can’t run efficiently without file sharing, cybersecurity, and email marketing, among other IT services.

Simply put, when a nonprofit gets the right IT services, it achieves its mission more effectively and efficiently. 

Unfortunately, most managed IT service providers over promise and fail to deliver quality results. Adivi maintains high quality service by rigorous training for their experts and by working only with local nonprofits so that onsite visits are easy.

IT Services for Nonprofits

Our IT Services for Nonprofits

IT Cloud Services

Nonprofit organizations use cloud computing services to reduce costs, relieve physical server management, and gain access to flexible and scalable IT services. As a nonprofit, the last thing you should focus on is servers, security alerts, and updates.

At Adivi, we leverage our expertise by reliably delivering cloud applications like cloud migrations and cloud hosting while maintaining data compliance and enhanced security. Your nonprofit will be able to concentrate on delivering the most appropriate services to your clients while we handle your cloud services needs.

Technical support

Our technical support advises and assists our clients regarding some of the following technical issues.

• Lack of seamless technology adoption journey
• The lack of a technology-driven decision-making process
• When nonprofit leadership is disinterested in tech
• Donors failure to incentivize technology enough

While most companies conduct tech support solely via phone calls, Adivi provides a full service through multiple channels like on-site visits, email, and support software.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Any organization can fall victim to data loss, even with preventative strategies in place. Nonprofit organizations often deal with large sets of data, and to reduce data loss risk, our backup and disaster recovery plan saves all regular files. We automatically create copies of your shared files and store them in virtual environments.

Therefore, if a disaster occurs, our team of experts can restore all your data within minutes on the same or different devices.


Cyber-attacks have become increasingly common and sophisticated in the contemporary world. At Adivi, we have a wide range of cybersecurity options like application, network, cloud, and critical infrastructure security. These options mitigate cyber risks and ensure your nonprofit is free of data breaches.

Service Desk

Our service desk at Adivi is designed to act as a communication center where users can receive IT support and seek help. We also address broader business needs, like facilitating communication between other service management teams and stakeholders.

On-Site IT Support

Our on-site technicians help you manage your IT systems right from your offices with a hands-on approach. Some of our on-site IT support includes troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, patching, and installing updated applications.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Most nonprofits are utilizing Microsoft 365 and its corresponding programs for their daily operations. You can get technical assistance from our experts for any technical issues regarding Microsoft 365 migration without leaving anything to chance.

IT Services for Nonprofits

Why Choose Adivi For Your Nonprofit IT Services?

The implementation of effective technology to support nonprofits is crucial. If you’re looking for problem-solvers who will deliver the most precise technology solutions in the fastest time possible, you have come to the right place. For over 30 years, Adivi has helped small and medium-sized businesses keep up with the revolution and expansion of technology with IT services.

Our cost-effective IT solutions assure a high ROI. We reduce your costs by eliminating the need to train and hire IT experts, which allows us to provide a wide range of services at a low price with around-the-clock protection.

Industries We Serve in Chicago for Cybersecurity Services

We find our application anywhere. We protect businesses of all sizes across a broad range of sectors & industries, including:

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Every nonprofit needs exceptional IT support from a trusted partner who understands nonprofit challenges. No matter how limited your resources are, Adivi is ready to implement systems in your nonprofit organization to streamline workflows, enhance budgeting, and attract donors. 

Contact us today and speak with one of our experts to understand how Adivi’s IT services can enhance your nonprofit’s performance.

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