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IT Solutions for Manufacturing

From additive design to old-fashioned production line assembly, manufacturers require proper infrastructure and tools to run their operations at full capacity. When it comes to implementing the right IT solutions, Adivi is the name to call. We offer a comprehensive range of enterprise-level IT solutions for manufacturing firms, big and small. Schedule a free assessment today to get started.

Why Manufacturing Businesses Need IT Services

We live in a highly technological world – and it’s only getting more complex by the day. The revolutions of Industry 4.0 are set to redefine the standards of how the manufacturing industry operates and how individual businesses can be competitive, making IT services an essential component of that effort.

Software and hardware are the lifeblood of today’s economy, allowing producers to automate mundane processes, increase efficiency, and make informed decisions. Any interruptions they experience can have a massive ripple effect on operations and output, leading to delays or missed opportunities altogether.

There’s also the issue of agility; technology evolves at a rapid pace, and those with the most up-to-date systems are able to react faster than their competitors. This is especially true for the manufacturing industry, where advances in digital solutions like 3D printing, robotics, and AI are allowing manufacturers to drastically reduce their production costs while providing consistent quality products.

With the right IT services, manufacturers can gain unfettered access to these tools and technologies, as well as the expertise they need to succeed in the twenty-first century and beyond. Adivi is proud to offer all of that and more, all backed by a 30-plus-year track record of success.

Our IT Solutions For Manufacturing Businesses

Adivi’s professional IT team is equipped to handle any IT-related task, from deploying enterprise-level software to setting up a secure email system. We understand your time is valuable and can provide customized manufacturing IT solutions to fit your budget and timeline. Our team not only works hard but also takes a proactive approach to prevent issues before they arise.

IT Cloud Services

Cloud computing offers manufacturing companies a cost-effective way of accessing high-quality software and applications without the need to install and maintain local versions. Our cloud solutions are designed to keep this arrangement secure and reliable, enabling you to focus on the important task of creating your product.

Technical Support

You can count on us for a solution to any technical issue you might have. Our technical support team is available 24/7 for remote assistance and won't stop working until your problem has been resolved. From patching to installation, Adivi is dedicated to keeping your operations running smoothly.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We take data security seriously. Whether it's a server crash or ransomware attack, we can provide an efficient backup and recovery system to keep your data safe. Our advanced technology will ensure that your manufacturing business is never left in the dark due to internal and external threats.


The manufacturing industry is not exempt from the growing risks of cyber attacks. We can provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs, helping you protect your operational systems and data from any malicious intent.

Service Desk

Adivi is the name your manufacturing facility can call when technical trouble starts. Our service desk provides fast and reliable support for all manner of IT issues, from hardware maintenance to software updates.

On-Site IT Support

Sometimes, a phone call isn't enough to address the complexities of manufacturing software and hardware. That's why Adivi offers onsite IT support, sending our experienced technicians to you when needed. Our techs are certified and trained to address even the most advanced of problems, getting your production line back up and running efficiently in no time.

Microsoft 365 Migration

More and more manufacturing companies are switching to Microsoft 365 for its cloud-based collaboration and communication tools, but migration can be difficult due to the complexity of setup and data transfer. Our experienced team can help you with this process and make sure your data is secure and accessible.

Why Choose Adivi For Your IT Management Solutions?

With 30+ years of experience setting the standard for IT solutions, Adivi stands out for its comprehensive range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand the unique requirements that manufacturing businesses have and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our team is composed of highly trained experts who can ensure maximized productivity and optimized results for your operations, no matter what problems may arise.

Industries We Serve in Chicago for Cybersecurity Services

We find our application anywhere. We protect businesses of all sizes across a broad range of sectors & industries, including:

Don’t just take it from us – Adivi has a massive list of satisfied clients who have enjoyed the benefits of our IT services. Here’s what they’ve said:

What Our Clients Say

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23 years

“Adivi Corporation spent time to make sure they fully understood our business before getting started.”

Owner, Cook Brothers

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22 years

“Adivi’s knowledge runs far, wide, and deep, and we never have to worry. I trust them implicitly.”

VP of Operations, Akoya Capital

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15 years

“As a company, they are very nimble and hands-on, but beyond that, they really care.”

Business Systems Manager, Amylu Foods

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