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Financial IT Services

People in the financial services industry spend a lot of their time navigating IT, from messaging between partners to overseeing contracts and loan offers through digital portals. Without a doubt, the more streamlined and efficient these services are, the more likely it is for an organization to optimize its efforts. Adivi has more than 30 years of experience working closely with financial services firms, helping them to manage their IT needs.

Adivi provides a range of IT services to meet your needs. These include help desk support services, network design and implementation, data backup, data recovery, office technology support, and both web and email hosting solutions. Contact Adivi today to learn more about how our financial IT services can help you.

Why the Financial Services Industry Needs IT Solutions

IT services, like those provided by Adivi, help financial services companies to keep financial and personal data protected. It also helps with the encryption of sensitive data, reducing risks associated with communication over the internet. In addition, our tools make it easier for you to process applications, navigate financial returns, and streamline communications with your clients, partners, and services.

Our Financial IT Services

Adivi offers several financial IT services to meet your firm’s needs. Some of our financial IT services include the following:

IT Cloud Services

Streamline your workflow and organize your financial firm’s operations through IT cloud services. Get work done faster and more efficiently while maintaining a secure environment for data. Meet compliance requirements while ensuring an effortless process of managing your financial services company, all with cloud technology.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Financial services firms must meet compliance requirements in the area of backup and disaster mitigation while also working to minimize risks to their operations when threats like malware or ransomware occur. Our IT services provide document storage, data storage, data protection to minimize risks, and recovery when data goes missing or is otherwise put at risk.


Enhancement of the security of your financial business is essential, especially as your business continues to grow. We ensure you meet all compliance requirements and stay on top of any cybersecurity risks that could occur, even as these challenges change over time.

Service Desk

With Adivi’s IT service desk, there is help available when you need it. You can count on our team to answer questions and aid your employees in overcoming IT delays or problems.

On-Site IT Support

There are some situations in which on-site IT support is critical. This is why Adivi offers on-site support for many services, including IT troubleshooting, data migration, implementation of new data and IT solutions, and more.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Companies making the move to Microsoft 365 can do so with a streamlined, supported service from Adivi. We work with financial services to provide implementation, training, and backup to keep your team on top of the transition.

Why Choose Adivi for Your Financial IT Services?

Adivi works hard to keep financial services firms operational. Whether you are an investment firm, banker, lender, or local credit union, our goal is to provide you with customized service to support your daily operations, mitigate risk and improve your bottom line.

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you with any type of financial IT service solutions you need.

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What Our Clients Say

Adivi works with your firm to create a customized solution for your IT needs. Here’s a look at what some of our clients have to say.

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22 years

“Adivi Corporation spent time to make sure they fully understood our business before getting started.”

Owner, Cook Brothers

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21 years

“Adivi’s knowledge runs far, wide, and deep, and we never have to worry. I trust them implicitly.”

VP of Operations, Akoya Capital

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14 years

“As a company, they are very nimble and hands-on, but beyond that, they really care.”

Business Systems Manager, Amylu Foods

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