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IT Solutions for Accounting

Traditional accounting processes are labor-intensive, error-prone, and slow. They also lead to high staff turnover, as most accountants loathe spending hours completing tedious tasks. Due to this, an accounting firm needs to replace manual processes with digital solutions to stay competitive.

Accounting firms can minimize human error, optimize operations, and nurture client relationships by embracing automatic accounting processes.

At Adivi, we provide comprehensive IT solutions for accounting firms by offering the IT maintenance and security they need to unlock significant advantages. We also strive to make digital transformation a driving factor for the accounting profession’s evolution. Schedule a free assessment to get started.

Why Accounting Businesses Need IT Services

83% of accountants believe technology is the key to competitiveness. Accountants are moving beyond traditional bookkeeping methods to digital accounting transformations to achieve more with less. Whether employing the most efficient ways of service delivery or finding more accurate accounting techniques, technology allows accountants to provide more outstanding services and fuel business growth.

Gone are the days when accountants spent hours crunching numbers, sorting files, and sitting behind ledger books. Technologies like cloud-based data management, data analytics, and process automation have been established to replace manual accounting processes and elevate accounting businesses.

These automated systems complete processes within minutes, allowing accountants to focus on more value-adding tasks. 

In a nutshell, accounting firms need IT services more than ever to ensure accountants work more efficiently. This is done while tailoring work patterns to their clients’ needs.

IT Solutions For Accounting

Our IT Services for Accounting Firms

Below are the most common IT services we provide for accounting firms.

IT Cloud Services

Our IT cloud services ensure accounting firms have seamless solutions to secure their workflow and accounting data. Our cloud solutions ensure accountants can perform accounting tasks and manage accounts like general ledgers and accounts receivable using software delivered as a service in the cloud.

Technical support

At Adivi, our technical support involves overseeing and maintaining computer hardware and accounting software systems. We also resolve technical issues that may arise in these systems and perform common diagnostics and software integration for accounting software systems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Accounting software is bound to fail, which can result in the loss of sensitive information, including client data. With our backup and disaster recovery services, all misplaced files due to data breaches or disasters are recovered within minutes.


While internal threats are pretty compromising for accountants, they also face threats like hacking, phishing scams, and ransomware.

At Adivi, we work with accountants to ensure they understand the technical and non-technical procedures they can follow to keep their data and systems secure. Our cybersecurity services involve helping accountants develop an incident response plan, advocating anti-virus software, and storing data in password-protected systems.

Service Desk

Our service desk is not the average help desk. You will love working with us because our team consists of friendly experts who provide fast and reliable responses to keep your accounting information systems running smoothly.

On-Site IT Support

Our on-site IT support team will work with your accountants at your business location to resolve day-to-day operational issues. As a rule, our on-site support team becomes embedded in your organizational structure to help your staff members run the IT infrastructure efficiently.

Microsoft 365 Migration

When it comes to efficiency, organization, and security, having the right software and business solutions in place is a game-changer for every accounting practice. Adivi offers white-glove migration of Microsoft 365 for accounting firms per their current needs.

IT Services For Accounting

Why Choose Adivi for Your Accounting IT Solutions

Accounting firms require more advanced IT expertise due to software complexity and sensitive client data and information, which requires adequate cybersecurity.
Having an in-house IT team can prove to be expensive; therefore, partnering with us would be the most cost-effective option to help you use your technology more efficiently and securely.
Get a free assessment today to get comprehensive 24/7 IT solutions to improve your business’s overall performance.

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