Reasons to partner with an IT consultant

Many small businesses today are frustrated with their Information Technology (IT) initiatives and are not sure where to go for help. Instead, they settle for basic IT services like E-mail and file sharing. With budgets slashed, hardware obsolete, and software outdated, leveraging technology in a small business can be difficult.

Furthermore, employees are usually reluctant to ask for help because they feel their problem is “not important enough” to distract their “IT Person”. Or, the “IT Person” is too busy to help. Is your business facing any of the following pitfalls of Traditional IT:

  • Prohibitive cost of ownership
  • Burden of support
  • Ineffi­ciency and avoidance
  • Mismanaged system
  • Business disruptions due to IT failure
  • Insufficient security and maintenance

The value of partnering with an IT consultant becomes quickly apparent when compared to typical investments for building and maintaining a traditional IT department. It is so cost-prohibitive to build an in-house IT department and infrastructure; many companies have decided to do without. That’s where the help of a consultant comes in. Adivi, for example, offers ADIVI Managed Services® to eliminate barriers and enable your organization to enjoy the benefi­ts of an entire IT department.

ADIVI Managed Services reside inside your physical office space and connect your network to Adivi’s servers and resources. This allows Adivi to provide your necessary IT infrastructure and services via a secure Internet connection for a small monthly subscription fee. For a fraction of the cost of hiring one IT support person, you can have all the features of a complete technical department operating under the careful watch of Adivi’s team of engineers, administrators, and support personnel.

Adivi Managed Services include:

  • Help Desk Services
  • Pre-emptive maintenance
  • Rapid correction of ongoing problems and spontaneous issues
  • Access to training and assistance
  • Upgrades, security, and monitoring
  • Muli-layer data protection

An IT consultant can provide many ways for users to obtain professional support and intervention – live and in real-time. Do you want to get started? Contact us to schedule a meeting. We’d love to get your business technology up to speed.

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