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Assessing if your team should move to cloud-based data storage?

The cloud can be the safest, most secure form of data storage. But how do you know if switching to the Cloud makes sense for your company? If you have a good business reason, we recommend all small businesses switch to Cloud computing for the best data storage experience. Business reasons may include the following:

  • I have shared documents that I want my team to access.
  • My team is working remotely and need secure access to files.
  • I have used up all the storage on my current server.

If any of the above statements ring true for your business, you may be a Cloud candidate. Here are some benefits to using Cloud storage applications:

Unlimited, secure user access
All present and future employees can easily share, edit, and access data according to the permissions you set.

Data security
Most cloud applications and services have secure data access and protection. Employees will have password-protected access to sensitive business data.

Large storage space
Cloud applications have virtually unlimited data storage capabilities. The switch is worth it if you are a growing company that will be storing a lot of data shared across many different employees.

Remote access through multiple devices
Given the nature of business these days, working from home has increased significantly for small businesses. Cloud-based storage allows easy access to secure data through many devices and networks.

Trying to grow your headcount? Once implemented, Cloud-based storage allows your data managers to control data while dispersing it to responsible parties within your organization.

Intuitive data manipulation for users
Cloud applications are generally user-friendly. After consulting with an expert on whether to make the switch, your data managers will be able to easily and intuitively manipulate data.

Despite all the benefits, moving all your business files to Cloud storage may seem like a daunting feat, and it may not be the best business case for your company.

Do you want to know if switching to the cloud makes sense for your business? Contact Us for a free consultation. We’d love to optimize your data access.

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