Case Study: Network Connection

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Have you or someone in your organization ever spent hours on the phone with the support line of a computer vendor only to find out the problem was with the software vendor? Did you then have to call the software vendor’s support line and spend more of your valuable time on the phone?

One of our current client’s Internet connection went down. Before hiring Adivi to manage their network, the client would have had to call their Internet Service Provider (ISP). In several cases, the ISP would have told the client it was the client’s equipment everything was fine at the ISP. The client would then have to call their support provider for their equipment and the support provider would run some tests and say everything was fine it must be the ISP. You get the drill.

Because Adivi was managing their network and systems, we called the client and confirmed that their network was indeed down. We were monitoring the ISP connection so we were able to notify the client of this error, and also execute the delivery of the solution. We then dealt with the ISP and all other vendors until the problem was resolved.

Adivi Corporation’s AMS® seamlessly delivers an entire enterprise-class data center with all the “bells and whistles” minus the traditional expense and commitment. Managing third-party support vendors is only one aspect of our service, AMS®.

If you would like to learn more about how our model allows us to immediately impact your business and reduce typical IT expenditures by sixty to ninety percent, contact us. We’d love to work together to make a big impact on your business.

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